1.If you purchase a goat and if in the rare event it is infertile,a replacement  goat will be given in exchange. We do not give refunds.

2.If you buy a kid or put a deposit on a kid and you don't want it right away, $10 per week,per kid,will be charged to cover feeding costs.(This only applies to kids over 3 weeks old)

3.Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE,but in some cases transferrable.

4.If you purchase a goat that is weaned,or an adult goat,if the goat is not picked up within 1 week,a fee of $20 per week,per goat will be charged for agistment.

5.If you have paid for a goat in full and decide you no longer want it and it is still on my property, I will give a refund,less 20% of

the purchase price,

and i  will try to resell the goat on your behalf,less $20 per week,per goat for agistment costs. Only when the goat is sold,will you be refunded what is left after taking out the 20% and agistment costs.

***Please read these terms of sale carefully,if you do not agree with them,please do not buy a goat***



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